Advantages of E-Prescribing of Drugs

25 Apr

 Electronic prescription of drugs has come a long journey seeing that it is now part of the supportive structures of the complex today’s health care system in North America since it was introduced in 2003 by the Medicare Modernization Act that has been adopted by 91% of the pharmacies regardless of the fact that there were no guidelines on implementation and usage by this act yet it has solved problems that existed in the past such as the safety and prescription errors by the use of complex and intelligent software that test for the accuracy of doses and determines the reactions between two drugs, as it has well been expounded on in the following pros of e-prescription. Learn more on electronic prescription of drugs on this link:

The first benefit is that it increases the safety of the patients, which is a serious problem because there are more than 2 million adverse drug events in North America and accounts for more than $4 million in spend, but can all be prevented through avoidance of errors such as unavailable or incorrect dosage, double therapy, skipping of information, misinterpretation due to bad handwriting, whose identification without the e prescribing platform would lead to delay as communications between the provider and the pharmacy takes place but with the system, the provider is supposed to confirm the accuracy of the dosage, verify allergies, and identify interaction among drugs before transmission of the prescription.

There is also a cost benefit, seeing that a trial that was used to evaluate the effects a support software at the point of care found that financial benefits are among the benefits with an average of less than $4.12 per patient, which is far much relatively less than what was being incurred by those who went for the option of handwritten prescription and this came about through alerts that discouraged providers from extremely expensive medication, informed providers off less expensive therapies and recommended enhancement of the current therapies before allowing a transmission to happen. Find out more details on the benefits of e-prescription on this homepage.

Lastly, there is easier access to the prescription records with the use of e-prescription and the electronic storages of these records is very useful in instances where the safety of the patient is threatened like it happened in the 2005 Hurricane Katrina where patient sensation was avoided because the records needed were present and could be obtained, with pharmacists and providers being able to get records to the people who were evacuated by the use of Sure Script, which is one of the e-prescribing network that covers almost all the pharmacies in the US, and in other cases, drugs that are called back can be well managed whenever there is an e-prescribing capability in a pharmacy, because pharmacists can easily trace the needed drugs to particular patients and call them to bring them. Get more details on this link:

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